here will show my typical videos production, please take a look

Saigon Children - Charity Cucle Adventure - Quang Binh

I produced a video about Saigon Children’s charity bike ride program in 2020, in the Quang Binh region, which had just experienced a severe flood. The video aims to document this journey as well as serve as a trailer, evidence to gather more participants in the coming years and raise funds for more disadvantaged areas in Vietnam. The video was created using a Phantom 4Pro flycam, Sony A6300, and a Gimbal.

Edge certificate - ifc x hausneo (district 9, hcmc, vietnam)

The video captures the scene of the awarding of the EDGE green building certification, which is awarded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), to the HausNeo project developed by EZLand. I directly participated in recording, producing the footage, and post-production to finallize this video.

Ta nung's smiles

This is an emotional video capturing the smiles of underprivileged ethnic communities in the Ta Nung region of Vietnam. The video is a collaboration with the volunteer organization Thanh Binh, which provided medical checkups, treatment, and free medication, as well as EZLAND company’s fundraising efforts as part of their ESG plan.

Festival celebration by the Chinese people in Saigon.

The video documents the Nguyen Tieu Lunar New Year festival in the Chinatown area of District 5 in Ho Chi Minh City, known as the Chinatown of Vietnam. On that day, many people poured onto the streets to witness the unique performances by various Hoa ethnic groups in Vietnam.

salon zinh hairstyles - introduction video

The video introduces Zinh Hairstyles, a hair salon for both men and women located in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. The video showcases the precise, beautiful, and meticulous techniques used to create eye-catching and comfortable hairstyles for customers.

The scenery of Jiufen, Taipei

The video captures the tranquil and mysterious scenes of the ancient town of Jiupen in Taipei.

The scenery of Hue’s ancient capital

The video features footage of the ancient capital city of Hue, which is considered a mysterious and grand place in Vietnam with magnificent structures. Known as the former capital of Dai Viet, Hue attracts those who love art, history, and culture, like myself.

The scenery of Hoi An, ancient town

The scenery of Hoi An is vibrant and beautiful from day to night.

GRC - GAO DX assembled | Golden Rooster Collection

This video captures the process of assembling a GAO character model, which I did together with the team at Golden Rooster Collection. They are a business that specializes in selling and distributing superhero, robot, and figure models based on movie and comic book characters in Ho Chi Minh City.

Skate board Binh Duong - thu dau mot

The moments of young people in Thu Dau Mot playing the sport of skateboarding, which has emerged here in recent years, have become very prominent, becoming a trend for energetic and adventurous young people.

The scenery of Grand Festival in Binh Duong

The Thien Hau Thanh Mau Festival in Binh Duong in 2022 was impressive, known as the most important festival of the local people in Binh Duong. On this day, everyone gathered at the Thien Hau temple to cheer, enjoy the outstanding performances of various groups, and worship Thien Hau.

Christmas Charity trip of ezland, ta nung 2020

A video recording of a Christmas charity trip to an orphanage in Ta Nung, Vietnam is captured. The trip was aimed at delivering gifts, supplies, and some money to the children in the school. This event is considered one of the activities in the ESG program that the EZLand company is building.

hausneo (ezland) handover ceremony

The handover event of the HausNeo apartment complex by EZLand was organized in August 2019, marking the company’s first project launched in the Vietnamese market. The event created a strong positive impression among customers towards EZLand, a relatively new company but known for its European quality, transparency, sophistication, and affordable housing.

ezland - donate blood

The blood donation event was organized for the employees of EZLand, as part of the company’s ESG activities.


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